40 Most Useless Things Invented


1. Computer stove. Looking at this invention, you may think that it’s a crazy idea. Still, this thing exists, and it was invented by one of the famous home appliance manufacturers. Its creators assure that such a combination of business and pleasure can turn out to be quite helpful. However, they didn’t think about the ways to clean the touch

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The Next Big Thing in Security Might Be Your Brainprint as Your Password

Brainprint Password

We’ve used complex alphanumeric characters and fingerprints as passwords, but these are still not enough to keep off hackers. Every year, there are 18 million Americans who fall victim to identity theft and fingerprint records are easily compromised during computer hacks. Fortunately, there are research efforts studying how we can use certain parts of our bodies, such as our irises,

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Meet the First Flower Grown in Space… Or Not?


When US astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a photo of one of the zinnia blooms from NASA’s space agriculture project, Veggie, he might have captioned it wrong. The “First Flower Tweet” In his tweet on January 17, Kelly wrote: First ever flower grown in space makes its debut! #SpaceFlower #zinnia #YearInSpace pic.twitter.com/2uGYvwtLKr — Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) January 16, 2016 His excitement

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