25 Most Obese States in the U.S


25. North Carolina – 29.7% North Carolina starts off our list of the fattest states in the USA with a whopping 29.7% obesity rate. Though at the bottom of our list, the state’s obesity rate has risen at an alarming speed, going from 12.3% in 1990 to 20.9% in 2000 to its current near-30%. Particularly troubling is that 15.4% of 2-to-4

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Top 25 Richest Business Dynasties in Asia


Samsung Group’s Lee family topped the list of the richest families in Asia in 2015 with their net worth of $26.6 billion, according to a list published by Forbes Asia. The South Korea’s Lee’s are considered as the biggest “chaebol,” or the Korean’s equivalent of family-run business conglomerate, considering how their 2014 revenues accounted for 22 percent of the country’s

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