Donald Trump Is One Controversial Presidential Candidate, And So Are His Stubby Fingers!

donald trump

Donald Trump is known for many things, most recently his being a presidential hopeful. His stand on certain things has put him and his candidacy in a controversial light. The latest among the issues related to him is the newly rediscovered fact that Trump, for his billions, is quite sensitive about people calling him out for his stubby fingers. His

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If You Have Millions, Would You Take A Leaf Out of These Celebrities’ Book of Weird Purchases? 


Millionaires and billionaires, including celebrities, are among the weirdest buyers. Having a lot of money does that to you. But if you were given millions or billions, what crazy thing would you have bought with your fortune? If you don’t have any idea just how wild purchases can be if you are filthy rich, take a look at what could

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